What is a Library for?
Library Stories
Here, at Phillips Free Library, we live and breathe what libraries are all about. To us this building, the books and programs and people here represent democracy, education, and community. Here's where we come together to learn and grow and work for a better world. Here's where we try to make the world a place of equality and opportunity for all. Here's where we get all teary eyed watching children grow into adults before our eyes, listening to elderly patrons tell us stories of their childhood memories of the library, helping a community member learn a new skill or discover a new interest. But we don't think we are the only ones whose lives are affected by the library. What's your story? 

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Early Library Memories
My clearest memory of Phillips Free Library is one of sound, or rather, lack thereof. I remember the click of the big brass doorknob, the sound of the clock ticking, the rustle of a turning page, the gentle tapping of Miss Baldwin's pencil-top date due stamp on the circ card, and the "creak" of the front door as I left. The library was an oasis of calm, a treasured escape from the pesterings of my younger brothers and sisters. And when I left that sanctuary, it was always with an armful of books that I couldn't wait to read.
Childhood memories
Most of my memories of the library take place in the old children's room, when the floor was carpeted and the shelves were made of wood, and there was a step you had to go up to get to them. My strongest memory is when my cousin and I had a contest with each other to read all of the books on a shelf. Never did complete that goal... but we had fun trying.